Monday, June 28, 2010

Best Beach for only $7....Horseneck

Drive down Route 88 in Westport for what feels like an eternity, and hit the beach. Not just any beach, but Horseneck Beach in Westport, MA.

I woke up on the first day of my kids' summer vacation feeling adventurous. I was content going to Onset beach for the millionth time, but I felt we should do something special. I said to my husband "It's kinda far, but let's go to Horseneck." He said, "Sure!"

So while he got directions and I loaded the car, we contacted my best friend to see if she wanted to come along. In our two-car caravan loaded with a total of 6 kids between the ages of 8-11 and three adults, we made our way to Westport. After we got on Route 88 I thought for sure we were lost. Finally we pulled into "The Back Eddy" and asked a fisherman if we had missed something. Nope. It was about 1/2 mile further.

First things first, you aren't lost. If you drive down 88 you will eventually hit the beach, you have no other choice it is pretty much the end of the road. You are greeted by teens who collect your $7 parking fee and you head to the ample parking lot. (You can check out a free day pass at your local library). The bathroom facilities appear gorgeous. They advertise showers, but only the little foot-wash spigots were in working order. The bathroom is an environmentally friendly, water-free facility. The toilet material goes down into a composting tank underground. So, basically, it's a giant, fancy port-a-potty. It's cleaner than a port-a-potty...much cleaner.

My all-time fave beach until this point in time WAS Old-Silver. Don't get me wrong, Old-Silver will be mentioned in a future blog as soon as I make it there. It still is nostalgically my favorite beach in childhood memory. However, it is very crowded and pricey to park. Horseneck has two miles of beachfront. It only costs $7 to park. It is gorgeous.

After I doused the kids with sunscreen, they were off and running. The waves were huge, but not overpowering. The water was warmer. The scenery was gorgeous. The sand is soft and fine like Old Silver but this beach is immaculate. A man drives down with a tractor and picks up trash with one of those grabbers. There are dumpsters to throw your trash away. Cops are on patrol throughout the day, driving a cruiser around on the paved walkway. You feel safe and sound.

The only complaints my kids had were that:
a)no floatation devices including boogie boards, state regulations for safety (fine with me)
b) they frown on catching crabs, as it is part of the state park...granted Ashton treats each crab with love and care, but some little boys prefer to rip their legs off

I highly recommend this little bit of heaven at the end of Route 88. It is well worth the drive and makes for a great day at the beach!!

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