Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two movies for the price of one...and the food is so much cheaper

Our adventure Friday night brought us about an hour away from our home in Middleboro, but it was well worth it. Our destination: The Mendon Twin Drive-In, one of the few drive-ins left standing in the area.

So, movies there start at sundown; or somewhere between 8:45-9 p.m. My husband and I figured that we should probably get there pretty early in order to get a good spot. We armed ourselves with bug spray, chairs, water, chips and a portable stereo. I told my kids to take a nap because we were going to see "Toy Story 3" AND "The Karate Kid."

It took us about 45 minutes to an hour to get there. When we arrived the lot was already getting packed, and it was only about 8:00 p.m. The aisles are filled with people in lawn chairs, kids playing catch and frisbees galore. We parked our car with the rear end facing the screen, and put our chairs out. Kids were doused with bug spray and then they took off to make new friends with kids around us. It was great, not once did they whine "Is it time for the movie to start yet?" because there was so much to do.

Our "neighbors" offered to buy bug spray off of us in return for a beer. I declined, but offered them the bug spray for free instead. Last year, we forgot the bug spray. Let me tell you, BUG SPRAY IS KEY!! So while we got to know the neighbors my son played football pass and instead of hitting his target...hit a shiny new Audi. Oopsies. Make sure the footballs are SOFT. Nerf balls are a good idea.

When the movie finally started, we all settled into our lawn chairs to watch the double feature. It was a beautiful clear evening. It did get chilly around 10, so I highly recommend bringing a sweatshirt and maybe even blankets.

I would say about half of the people left after the first movie, and it is still worth it even if you don't think you will make it through both films. At $20 per carload it is a mere $5 per person for my family of four if we stay for one movie. That is a savings of $2.50 per ticket (vs. Regal Cinemas prices). If we stay for both movies, that cuts us back to only $2.50 per person. That is unheard of these days!!
Not to mention the savings at the snack bar. You can make a night of it and come early for a picnic dinner, bring your own food. The prices at the snack bar are very reasonable also. They offer all different foods, including sandwiches, burgers and dogs. My husband came back with 2 large popcorns, loaded nachos and a fry for $15.

This was an amazing evening. The sheer ambiance of being there, at the drive-in is an experience all should enjoy. You even get a trash bag on the way in and you can leave it in your parking spot when you leave, our friends in Mendon pick it up for you.

So make sure you check it out if you want an inexpensive adventure but remember:
1. bugspray
2. blankets
3. soft footballs
4. chairs
5. no radio doesn't really pick up the signal, just use your car stereo

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  1. awsome mom!!!!!Thanks for adding me.i also hit a person!!!!!!!