Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reids Ultimate Breakfast in Brockton

So today our adventure was Reid's Ultimate Breakfast in Kmart Plaza at 2021 Main St, Brockton. My husband woke me up early because he had a doctor's appointment and suggested we head over to his grandmother's fave breakfast hangout.

The best part is the price. For $2.99 between the hours of 5:30-8:30 a.m. you have a choice of the following (all include coffee)

2 pancakes
2 french toast
2 eggs, homefries and toast
2 biscuits with gravy (and there is sausage in those biscuits)

Cheaper than McDonalds and with a homey flair, the waitstaff is friendly and the regulars flood the place. Not only was my french toast cooked perfectly, the coffee was good and I was definitely full after my meal...that only cost $2.99!

Last week when I went to IHOP with just my husband we waited an hour for our food, and it cost twice as much for half the people.

The only downside, every time an order is up the cooks ring a doorbell to alert the waitresses. You start to block it out after awhile, and it has its benefits. The food is hot and fresh and isn't sitting under a heat lamp for any amount of time. I recommend that you check it out.

After our early bird specials, we headed over to Kmart to buy Dillon a pair of jeans. I almost felt like I was stealing because the jeans were so very cheap...marked at $1.99 a pair. Imagine my shock when they rang up at $1.19 because of the additional percent off that I didn't know existed. I spent less than $100 on breakfast and an entire new wardrobe for two boys. AMAZING!!

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