Saturday, July 31, 2010

Great spot to hike and picnic, Pocasset, MA

One of my favorite childhood memories is my mother taking us to "Four Ponds." Four Ponds is a conservation area in Pocasset Massachusetts. If you aren't familiar with Pocasset, it is located just over the Bourne Bridge on Cape Cod. It has a parking lot accessible on Barlow's Landing Road.

Four ponds is a gorgeous hike, with different trails based on time and difficulty. We would go there often to have a little free getaway as a child. You can choose your trail, and the trails have color-coded markers nailed to trees. There are four ponds located within the conservation area...hence the name:) Not only are there four ponds, but you can also find multiple brooks and even a mini waterfall. I mean, who doesn't love a mini waterfall? I just loved to run my fingers through the water running over the rocks. There is some wildlife in the conservation area also. Often you will see swans drifting through the pond. Also, you might find a few frogs or toads or even some little shiners swimming in the ponds.

It's nice to hike there, but be sure to dress accordingly and wear your insect repellent. It does get cooler in the forest-and don't be afraid to roll up your pantlegs and wade in the brooks!

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