Thursday, July 29, 2010

Highlights from Buffalo

Well, it's been a long time because we were in Ransomville, NY for 2 1/2 weeks! So today I will not give you a local trip...but I will give you my "Ransomville top Ten."

Where is Ransomville? Well, it is about 15 miles northwest of Niagara Falls, NY. It is a large land area...but I think there might be more farm animals than people.
What does one do in Ransomville? For starters, my kids go to a free summer recreation program every day from 10-3. They love it. They get to go on field trips and have fun all day with their peers. Another highlight-Johnston's Restaurant for either breakfast or Buffalo wings. It's really cheap and they have even upgraded so that they now have a credit card machine!!

Go to the local public library and check out a free pass to "Old Fort Niagara." It's a war fort that was built in the 1600's. Very creepy. Very fascinating. One winter there were only 11 survivors. Haunted? I think yes. If you don't have a library pass it costs about $10 for adults and $6 for children. They have activities and reenactments during the day.

Check out SNOWPARK NIAGARA. Who doesn't love snow tubing? Who doesn't love snow tubing with a handy conveyor belt that brings you to the top of the hill? I mean, for a whopping $11 for the day you can have unlimited snow tubing YEAR ROUND, as well as skating, mini golf, and playing in the snow. The skating is fascinating...the "ice" is made of plastic blocks and feels like you are truly ice skating. It was fun, but the first time I had skated in the required hockey skates. Note to self: NO TOE PICK IT IS HARD TO JUMP AND SPIN. My kids thought it was funny though. "Look my mom fell on her butt again because she forgot she has no toe pick."

Another area to hit up is Western New York's version of Canobie Lake Park. It is called Martin's Fantasy Island. It is a wonderful, inexpensive ($18 per day) amusement park that includes a water park. You can ride the slide we affectionately call "the toilet bowl" when you feel the experience of being "flushed." You can relax in the wave pool or drift around in the lazy river. Did I mention that it costs $12 less than Water Wizz...includes an entire amusement park...and has hardly any lines? Totally worth the 8 hour drive;) Not to mention the fact that it is located on the beautiful Grand Island New York, and has a KOA Kamp Ground next door. And while you are on the island, you can check out Beaver Island State Park, a beautiful location on Lake Ontario. If the "sand" wasn't dirt-you would swear you were on the ocean!!

Sorry, there's so much to do there-for so little money. For example you can go to a Bison's Game (their minor league baseball team) and be thoroughly entertained for hours. They do all different activities in between plays and have special events such as fireworks and campouts on the field.

Not to mention the beauty of the natural wonder that is Niagara Falls. The city itself truly sucks. Think "Fall River with a giant waterfall." The surrounding areas though are beautiful, fertile lands. A veggie stand on every corner and places to pick your own berries around the bend...things love to grow out there.

So, if you feel adventurous and want to venture 500 miles away. Check out these things to do in the Niagara/Buffalo area.

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