Thursday, July 1, 2010

Middleboro town pool, $2 each

So for the past 3 days we have escaped the heat by diving in to the town pool. It's a giant pool with two waterslides, heavily guarded by at least 10 lifeguards. The cost to get into the pool is $2 per day, or you can buy a season pass that admits up to 8 people per day for a mere $75. Since the pool is within walking distance, and we are not setting up the inflatable pain in the ass algae factory this year...we bought the pass.

At first I was disappointed because the pool hours are only 1-4 pm, 7 days a week, I soon learned that 3 hours is plenty of time. The kids are worn out at the end and the sunbeams break through even SPF 100 on my babies' faces. The perks of the pool include a daily swim test in order to go in the deep end (and therefore ride the slides). The test includes swimming across the pool and back, followed by 1 min of treading water. I take it too, in case I feel like riding the slides, and to encourage Dillon, who I (and probably the lifeguards as well) have dubbed "most likely to require rescuing."

After the swim test, which is offered on a rolling basis, the kids are off to play with their friends. They dive, swim, play catch or Marco polo. The only time I hear from them is when they want money for the snack bar-which offers Laffy taffy at 2/25 cents and a variety of other cheap treats.

You do not have to be a middleboro resident in order to go to the pool. It hasn't been crowded over the past week, maybe maxing out at 40 people. It's a great escape from the heat, and if you would like to stay out of the sun completely there is a large awning with park benches underneath. However, watch out for the woman who happened to plop her chair between mine and Tony's because we were apparently in her spot. I mean litterally slammed her chair practically on top of his chair and right in the middle of my stuff. Since the pool is public I was unaware there were assigned cabanas like at the Beverly Hills beach club on 90210...

So check out the pool, it's cheap and fun. Bring a book and relax because there are plenty of lifeguards as well as other kids for yours to play with. Just watch out for the angry woman who likes a specific spot under the canopy:) heck, it's $30 less than water wizz and my kids are thrilled with the slides!

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